Recommended Maximum User Weights

Eden Office seating is designed to suit a very wide variety of users and we state a Recommended Maximum User Weight for each chair to provide an easy reference for users.

Our recommendations are based on our understanding of the chair componentry and construction, and on the size of the chair. Chair components are tested to international durability standards and our chairs are built to provide support and comfort for the majority of user builds.

While our recommended maximum user weights are not based on the certifications of an independent organisation, some of our seating has been independently certified to AFRDI 142 Rated Load certifications.

Our recommended maximum user weights include:

120KG RWUW badge
140KG RMUW badge
160KG RMUW badge
200KG RMUW badge

Please contact us if you would like to discuss anything about Recommended Maximum User Weights.

See more on AFRDI Rated Load Certifications, or view our chairs recommended for Heavy Users.