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Eden Office are committed to the promotion of environmental sustainability.
Spectrum is our original ergonomic task chair range. Now over 30 years in the market and supported with a 15-year warranty, it’s designed to last and designed to be sustainable.
In May 2023 the Spectrum range was certified to Toitū net carbonzero.

Toitū Envirocare's net carbonzero certification requires that the Spectrum chair’s lifecycle carbon emissions are measured and in line with international standard
ISO 14067; that emissions intensity is managed and reduced in accordance with Toitū requirements; and that remaining cradle-to-grave emissions are compensated for following Toitū requirements.

Simply put, Spectrum has a super-light carbon footprint and we’re committed to ensuring it gives more than it takes from our planet.

We believe Spectrum is the most environmentally-positive new chair purchase you can make – yet another reason for it to be New Zealand’s favourite office chair!


When Eden introduced Spectrum in the early 1990s, its uniquely contoured powerful lumbar support
and distinctive shaped seat set it apart from every other task chair on the market. Its support, comfort,
and personalised adjustability meant it became quickly a firm favourite with computer-users and
widely recommended by health professionals.

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Spectrum pullouts

Spectrum’s uniquely contoured backrest is constructed of complex foam layering, and is designed to provide unparalleled lower back support. It encourages positive posture like no other chair that we know of.

It's been said, you can’t slouch in a Spectrum.

Spectrum has a distinctly contoured sit-in seat shape. The ergonomically contoured timber seat base, with high-resilience moulded seat foam, provides an initial soft feel sit, and continues to support you as you work.

This highly-crafted upholstery and the full range of ergonomic adjustments mean Spectrum can provide true all-day seated comfort.

Thousands of New Zealanders have sat on Spectrum chairs in the last 30 years. Many of them now say they never want to sit on anything else.

Spectrum chairs are produced in New Zealand of local and imported components, and are made to order in our Auckland factory. We stock a range of standard fabrics and operate lean manufacture systems to allow very fast delivery leadtimes.



Spectrum 3 chairs feature a heavy-duty 3-lever mechanism - always a first choice recommendation
for any computer-user. The independent adjustments allow you to set the position of the seat and backrest
to a precise position to suit yourself.

Spectrum mech adjust gaslift height TEST

Gaslift seat height

The seat height is adjusted by the front right lever. The standard gaslift has a generous 130mm adjustment range and other gaslift options are available.

Spectrum mech adjust backrest angle TEST

Backrest angle

The backrest angle is adjusted by the back right lever. The backrest adjustment offers a wide tilt range so you can choose a position to suit.

Spectrum mech adjust seat angle TEST

Seat angle

The seat angle is adjusted by the lever at the back of the seat on the left. You can adjust the angle of your seat to suit your preference.

Spectrum mech adjust back height TEST

Backrest height

The backrest height is adjusted by the knob at the back left of the mechanism. It allows you to position the lumbar support exactly to fit the curve of your lower back.

Spectrum options

Along with the distinctive lumbar support and seat shaping, what makes Spectrum so unique and user-friendly
is the extensive range of seat size options and upgrade features to choose from.
The range of seat options allows users of all builds to experience the same exceptional comfort and support.

Long/Wide seat option

The Long/Wide Seat is our most popular upgrade option. Its supportive contouring is enjoyed by users of both average and larger build.

Long/Wide Seat: 520w x 520d
[Standard seat 470w x 480d]

Wide seat option

The Wide Seat option provides generous support for users who are of a larger build, but of a less than average height.

Wide Seat: 520w x 480d
[Standard seat 470w x 480d]

Long seat option

The Long Seat option is a popular choice for tall slim users.

Long Seat: 470w x 520d
[Standard seat 470w x 480d]

500 seat option

The 500 Seat is a generous deluxe-padded seat that will suit the majority of users.

500 Seat: 510w x 490d
[Standard seat 470w x 480d]

Height Adjustable arms option

Spectrum’s Height Adjustable Armrests provide a soft-feel support for your forearm and are adjustable from 190mm to 260mm above the seat.

HighLift option

The HighLift option is designed for any high worksurface situation, including laboratories and teller desks. The footrest is height adjustable. We recommend this option is chosen with our Spectrum 2 chair, with its fixed angle seat.

Small seat option

The Small Seat option is suitable for very slight users.

Small Seat: 460w x 450d
[Standard seat 470w x 480d]

Spectrum 200

Spectrum 200 features strengthened components and is designed to support users up to 200kg. It features a 2-lever mechanism with back height and back angle adjustments, and fixed seat angle.

Seat dimensions: 520w x 520d


Spectrum chairs are designed to last a long time, to be easily refurbished and repaired,
and to be recycled at the end of their lifetime.

We want you to enjoy your Spectrum chair for a long time, so we make warranty repairs easy.

Spectrum is covered by a 15-year warranty. All chair parts and components are able to be easily replaced, so the life of the whole chair is extended.

Most warranty repairs will need to take place at our factory but we can arrange freight within New Zealand. In some instances our service team may be able to undertake some repairs on site at your premises.

See more on our warranty terms here.

Our refurbishment service offers an economical and environmentally-positive way to breathe new life into your chairs.

If your chair is looking tired or if you’re wanting a colour refresh in the office, talk to us about how reupholstery and refurbishment of your Spectrum chairs can be a smart alternative to buying new.

When your Spectrum chair has reached the end of its life or you no longer need it, we can take it back and recycle or repurpose it.

If your chair is not in mechanically good working condition we will dis-assemble and recycle as much of it as possible.

We are able to recycle approximately 80% of the Spectrum chair. All the plastic and metal parts can be recycled and some of the upholstered parts can be reused.

If the chair is in good working condition, we will clean, service, and reupholster the chair as necessary, and donate to charity or a second-hand furniture reseller.

Spectrum's other certifications

GreenGuard Gold

GreenGuard is one of the world’s most respected environmental certifications. It certifies that product chemical emissions are at safe levels, in view of minimising indoor air pollution and potential chemical exposure.

FSC® Chain of Custody

Spectrum is certified as FSC 100%, with all timber components sourced from sustainably managed forests. Forestry Stewardship Council®’s Chain of Custody Certification provides assurance that the processed timber used in certified furniture production is sourced from forest operations that are managed in socially, environmentally and economically responsible ways.


The government standard for computer chairs in Australia and New Zealand is the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Height Adjustable Swivel Office Chairs – AS/NZS 4438(1997). Spectum is certified to AS/NZS 4438 Level 6 being the most severe of three levels and regarded as the market standard.

AFRDI 142 Rated Load, 160kg

AFRDI 142 tests office chairs for rated load performance, based on both user weight and shift length. The standard was specifically designed to certify chairs as suitable for use by heavier people and/or in longer-shift or extended use situations. A number of our large seat Spectrum chairs are certified for users up to 160kg.


Find more specific information on the
Spectrum range page.

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